All About Flo.

Hi, I’m Flo from London, UK & I’m 27. Myself, my backpack and my boyfriend are on a never ending adventure around the world, having travelled for one year through South and Central America we’re now in Auckland, New Zealand with working holiday visas saving for the next adventure.

I’m obsessed with experiencing new cultures, eating gourmet burgers and social media. A true millennial right?

A few facts about me:

  • 51 countries down
  • I met my gorgeous boyfriend in the back of a black cab in London after at least 4 tequilas in April 2015. We were reunited in December 2015 & been together ever since!
  • Originally from South London (Croydon..HOLLA!), now our base is South East London in Greenwich (It’s lush)
  • I’ve volunteered in Honduras, Fiji and Nepal which subsequently turned into a distaster relief job in Nepal after the earthquake in 2015
  • I have had my fair share of travel and job DISASTERS over the years which is a driving force for my writing and social media world!
  • I have a degree in event management and that then developed into marketing and social media roles
  • I quit my social media job in the city of London to LIVE THE DREAM!
  • I don’t even know why my website is called pies, lies and thighs I just thought it sounded quirky, cool and summed up my totally random life up until now. A friend in uni originally suggested it while we were eating pies…
  • I love burgers more than everything in the world (including my boyfriend.. soz)
  • Last but very not least… I lost my mother when I was just 4 years old. I’m determined for it not to be an awkward subject, nor the serious depression and anxiety I have suffered over the years as a consequence. My mother is my beautiful, creative & inspiring driving force in my life to live well, travel often and keep moving forward. I am truly finding happiness now, understanding myself and it has always been a long term goal of mine to talk more about mental health awareness and stand up to help others. Don’t be afraid to inbox me.

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