All About Flo.

Hi, I’m Flo (or Florence to my Grandma) i’m Twenty-Two, from London & am my own therapist. Writing is my therapy. World travel, adventure & a whole lotta issues is what I specialise in. All I really want to do is write.
I’m hoping to make this into a book one day.

Most people describe me as “intense” and “deep”. I take this as nothing but a compliment. Having travelled to Central America, USA, the majority of Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and pretty much every country in Europe, I have a serious passion for volunteering and children. Travelling and volunteering on projects abroad changed my life entirely and I continue to grasp as many new adventures and wild experiences by the bucket load.

I may “over-think” everything but I wonder what life is if you don’t overthink it? Life is anything but simple. It’s a complex web of years that require choices and fulfillment and so, so, so much adventure.

Read. And let me entice you in.

Contact me. Fill out the form below or find me on twitter @floboniface. I always want to talk.


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