A long awaited relaunch… SOUTH AMERICA

VSCO is life
When the beer is cheaper than water why not?

Ok so life got in the way. It’s been well over three years since I’ve been blogging with piesliesandthighs and to be quite honest, shit happened. I was well into my website a few years ago, people enjoyed my writing but honestly I look back and think what is this crap? I’ve revamped my page but unfortunately due to lack of technology I can’t do too much in terms of the actual website.

Anyways, writing styles have changed in the last few years – platforms have changed too (we all know it’s about Instagram Instagram Instagram these days COUPLED with a cool blog…) I’ve also matured and developed so much so now at the ripe old age of 25 it’s time to give it another go! And to be fair … I feel like I should probably do something constructive with my time on the road over the next year at least … before my brain goes to mush!!!! The unemployed life has its perks but for me only a couple of weeks is enough to sit back and reflect!

To sum it all up in the last three years it’s been a rollercoaster. I finished my degree in event management, graduated, met the love of my life and moved to Asia for 7 months. I also got myself a full time social media job for a year and a half in the city of london (hometown) which enabled me to learn, grow and develop my skills in the online world. I’m now a freelance social media manager with hopes to start up my own consultancy in the future doing so!

On the 22nd of September 2017 myself and my boyfriend jack left our jobs, packed up our lives and flew to Brazil 5 days later.

Now we find ourselves 5 weeks in to an epic South American adventure with over a year to go on the road.

My first introduction back into the blogging world will be a ‘One month in Brazil’ guide. Most of the places we’ve visited in the last 5 weeks have been rarely covered in English online so I definitely see a gap in the online world for this info! I’ve also got plenty of dos and dont’s and what to expect… backpacking South America as a Brit is world’s apart from traveling Asia. That might sound obvious, but honestly I did expect some parts of being ‘on the road’ to be similar everywhere in the world.

Moving forward I’ll be posting at least once a month!

Bare with me …. I’m surviving with an iPhone 6, an old iPad and a Go Pro Hero 5!

Oh how I long to be one of those ‘digital nomads’ without a care in the wild carrying their SLR cameras and MacBooks! I think you can get away with that in Bali but maybe not on the road in Brazil right now…

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